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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Constitution Party in California?

To join the Constitution Party of California, please complete a California Voter Registration Form. In the "political party preference" section, check "Other" and write-in "Constitution Party". (Or, complete the electronic form at register to vote.)

The Constitution Party does not appear on the California voter registration form. Why?

Because the Constitution Party is not yet "ballot qualified" in California.

How does the Constitution Party become "ballot qualified" in California?

The Constitution Party is seeking ballot qualification in California through voter registration. The process is summarized here. We need approximately 60,000 affiliated voters by early 2018.

How many voters are currently affiliated with the Constitution Party in California?

There were 330 voters affiliated with the Constitution Party in California as of October 24, 2016, as reported by the California Secretary of State here.

May I create a Constitution Party of California related page, site, forum, mailing list, etc., on the Internet?

There are already too many rogue Constitution Party of California outlets on the Internet. Adding yet another would only add to the confusion. The Constitution Party National Committee recognizes this web site as the only official Constitution Party of California web site.

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